📢📢 MBBS Rates for 2016-2017📢📢

📢📢 MBBS Rates for 2016-2017📢📢
1.Rama medical college-33-34+fee(11/year)

2.Saraswati medical college-37-38+fee(8.50/year)

3.Royalkhand medical college-41-42+fee(9/year)

4.Heritage medical college-27-28+fee(9.5/year)

5.Muzzafarnagar Medical College-37-38+fee(9.5/year)

6.Sharda University-35-36+fee(12.70/year)

7.Santosh medical college-41-42+fee(12.50/year)

8.SGT Gurgaon-24-25+fee(15.75/year)

9.ERA Medical College-40-43+fee

10.sri Ram murti medical College-45-47+fee

11.TMU -23-25+fee(14/year)

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