Who we are 

When the discussion is related to the India’s leading corporate organizations in educational consultancy, one name, which finds its place at the top, is that of Nexgen Consultancy. The main focus of this premier organization is to transfigure the opinion Indians have, when it comes to making career decision and embryonic their professional lives.

We take Authorization Direct from the Colleges to give admissions to students under Management/NRI  Quota.

What we do

To provide the students with proper guidance and motivate them towards investing hard work, time and financial resources in the shaping of their education.

Carrier Guidance Advantage

We offer credible and reliable consultancy services aiming to live up to the expectation of the client in compliance with Indian norms and market requirements.
We have immense network with top rated educational client and provide with solutions for all queries and services.
Our functional skills, strategic insights and analytical expertise with complete market know how, help us to serve our clients with perfection.
What you can expect from us
Your special needs are dealt with special care and concern.
Your queries are answered with clarity and accuracy.
Your information is kept confidential and is not given access to at any cost.